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Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

The Companions by Katie M. Flynn


You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen Continue reading “Currently Reading…”

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Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1) by Talia Hibbert

get a life, chloe brown

4.5 stars

This is an adorable, witty and steamy romantic comedy that you won’t want to put down. Continue reading “Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1) by Talia Hibbert”

The Companions by Katie M. Flynn

the companions

2 stars

This was a confusing, lack-luster science fiction book that left me wondering “what the heck did I just read?” Continue reading “The Companions by Katie M. Flynn”

Master of Sorrows ( The Silent Gods #1) by Justin Travis Call

master of sorrows

4 stars

This is the first book in The Silent Gods YA Fantasy series. It is intriguing, fast-paced, dark, and complicated. Everything I love about an epic fantasy series. Continue reading “Master of Sorrows ( The Silent Gods #1) by Justin Travis Call”

A Dangerous Duet by Karen Odden

a dangerous duet

4 stars

This is a fun, interesting historical fiction mystery set in Victorian London. Continue reading “A Dangerous Duet by Karen Odden”

Stormsong (The Kingston Cycle #2) by C.L. Polk


4 stars

This is the second book in the Kingston Cycle series. I loved the first book, Witchmark, and was very excited when I was given the opportunity to read and review this one. (You can read my review for Witchmark here:…. Continue reading “Stormsong (The Kingston Cycle #2) by C.L. Polk”

The Unwilling by Kelly Braffet

the unwilling

3.5 Stars

This is a dark, violent, haunting fantasy book that won’t be for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Sensitive topics include child abuse and descriptive violence. If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy YA fantasy book with cross-starred crushes, cute misunderstandings and a happy ending, move along. In fact, I wouldn’t characterize this as YA at all. Continue reading “The Unwilling by Kelly Braffet”

Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

things in jars

4 stars 

I haven’t read a lot of gothic books, mainly because I’m a big chicken and get scared easily. (It’s why I don’t read or review horror books) The gothic books I’ve read aren’t necessarily scary per se, but they can be creepy. There were times in this book when I felt a bit creeped out – which I guess is the purpose, right? SO, job well done, Ms. Kidd! Continue reading “Things in Jars by Jess Kidd”

Children of Virtue and Vengeance ( Legacy of Orïsha #2) by Tomi Adeyemi


3.5 Stars

This is a pretty good second book in a YA Fantasy book series about the fight to bring back magic to a group of people that the Monarchy wants to destroy. Continue reading “Children of Virtue and Vengeance ( Legacy of Orïsha #2) by Tomi Adeyemi”

Foul is Fair (Foul is Fair #1) by Hannah Capin

foul is fair

4 stars

Wow. What the heck did I just read?? Violent, dark, twisty and an utter guilty pleasure, this book is Mean Girls, Heathers and Kill Bill all rolled into one. Continue reading “Foul is Fair (Foul is Fair #1) by Hannah Capin”

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