Hi, I’m Jane and I am a proud nerd girl that loves books! I usually read between 70-100 books a year. I read all genres except horror. My favorite books are fantasy, mystery/thriller, historical fiction and YA fantasy. I belong to a book club that meets every month. The club helps me strike out into other areas and read books that I wouldn’t normally choose to read myself. Sometimes those choices work out – other times, not so much. Regardless, you’ll always find an  honest opinion about the books I read, warts and all.

I attend San Diego Comic Con every year and love it! It gives me a fantastic opportunity to meet my favorite authors, discover new authors, check out new books before they are released and learn what’s new with book publishers. I also love to attend author book readings and signings throughout the San Diego area.

I also review books on NetGalley, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon.