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Death in Focus (Elena Standish #1) by Anne Perry

death in focus


A disappointing new historical fiction mystery series set in the years before WWII.  Continue reading “Death in Focus (Elena Standish #1) by Anne Perry”

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

where the crawdads sing

4.5 stars

A beautiful coming of age/murder mystery that you won’t want to put down. Continue reading “Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens”

The Swallows by Lisa Lutz

the swallows

3.5 Stars

An entertaining revenge story. Continue reading “The Swallows by Lisa Lutz”

The Third Mrs. Durst by Ann Aguirre

the third mrs durst

2.5 stars

A disappointing mystery/thriller from one of my favorite authors. Continue reading “The Third Mrs. Durst by Ann Aguirre”

The Snakes by Sadie Jones

the snakes

3 stars

A confusing, disjointed “mystery”. Continue reading “The Snakes by Sadie Jones”

Big Sky (Jackson Brodie #5) by Kate Atkinson

big sky

3.5 stars
An ok, uneven mystery/thriller. Continue reading “Big Sky (Jackson Brodie #5) by Kate Atkinson”

The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan

The spies of shilling lane3.5 stars

An enjoyable historic mystery. Continue reading “The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan”

Redemption (Amos Decker #5) by David Baldacci

Redemption4 stars

A good, fast-paced mystery/thriller. Continue reading “Redemption (Amos Decker #5) by David Baldacci”

Next Girl to Die (The Calderwood Cases, #1) by Dea Poirier

Next girl to die

3.5 Stars

A pretty good first book in a new mystery/thriller series. Continue reading “Next Girl to Die (The Calderwood Cases, #1) by Dea Poirier”

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