4 stars

This is the 3rd book in this series. Once again, the action takes up right where the last book ends. Inda escapes captivity with the Venn and starts to formulate a plan to fight them. When he learns that the Venn’s invasion of his homeland is imminent, Inda leaves Fox in charge of his pirate fleet, with orders to strike around the coast to give the illusion that Inda is everywhere. Inda then finally returns home, after 9 long years away.

Evred, now the King, makes him his War Commander and 2nd in command. He is reunited with his academy friends, all leaders in their own right. The men make plans to protect their country and fight the Venn. The book outlines a lot about the Venn and their planning to invade, as well as their political struggles.

The last half the book describes the war with the Venn. There is plenty of action, heartbreak and sacrifice, but also joy and hope. Several story lines are resolved, and many more are left in big cliffhangers. I am looking forward to reading the last book in the series to see how it all ends.