4 stars

This is a satisfying ending to this trilogy. Cara is a young lady at Wolf Glen. She is loved by her family, but has always been thought a bit odd. Instead of needlepoint, music and flirting, she would much rather climb trees, talk with animals and wander the woods. When she is met by a “wild man” near her home, her father abruptly sends her to Prince Oran’s home at Winterfalls to learn how to be more of a lady.

Her father enlists the “wild man” to build him a heartwood house, a house with very detailed specifications that must be followed exactly and is rumored to be good luck for any family that has one. The “wild man’s” hands are crippled, so the landowner hires Grim to help build the house and imposes strict rules that include total secrecy of the building. The “wild man” is not all that he seems, however, and Grim soon discovers secrets long buried that could tear the family apart. Meanwhile, Blackthorn befriends Cara and helps her overcome some of her troubles in mingling in society and dig up truths about her family. Blackthorn has not forgotten, however, her vow to bring Mathuin to justice. Will she ever get the chance?