This book was much better than the 2nd book. It was a satisfying ending to the trilogy. In this book, the young seekers are scattered at the beginning of the book. Quin is rescued by a strange man named Dex after being stranded “there” by Shinobu, who has been captured by John’s grandmother Maggie. John, meanwhile, trains with the younger dread and begins to let go of the hate drilled into him by his mother and grandmother. He realizes that the Middle Dread’s actions to turn Seeker houses against each other is wrong and he sets off on a mission to rescue all of the lost Seekers.

Plenty of action happens between the Seekers and the Watchers in a fight to determine the fate of the Seekers and their place in the world. It’s hard to say much more without spoilers Most of the storylines are wrapped up and the characters get closure.