the king's traitor

4 stars

This is a very good finale to the trilogy. The author does a good job of tying up all of the storylines and provides a satisfying ending to the series.

The book starts with Owen being ordered by his King to start a war with a neighboring kingdom by proposing marriage to its Queen. It is the King’s belief that the Queen, who has denied all marriage proposals thus far, will once again say no, thereby giving the King an excuse to wage war against her land and conquer it. Owen reluctantly follows his King’s order, and unexpectedly finds himself drawn to the Queen, who accepts his proposal of marriage. Soon Owen, the Queen and his friends form a plot to overthrow the evil King and place the rightful heir and King on the throne. The rest of the book is full of a lot of action and intrigue, and a bit of heartache, culminating with an epic finale and end to the book series.

I like the way this author writes and plan to check out his other book series.