Assassin's Fate

4.5 stars

A very fitting ending to a great series of books. I have loved these characters and books for years. It was very bittersweet to say goodbye to some of the characters in the book, but at least the author gave them a worthy finale.

This book picks up shortly after the last book ends. Bee is still with her kidnappers and Fitz and the Fool and their entourage, believing that Bee is dead, are still in the Rain Wilds looking for passage to Clerres to take vengeance on the Servants. They convince liveship Paragon to take them to Clerres, with the promise that they will give him silver to turn him into the dragons he should have been all along. This, not surprisingly, is a very controversial proposition for all of the traders that rely on the liveships for their livelihood.

Meanwhile, Bee is scheming her own vengeance, just as soon as she figures out how to escape her captors. Old and new friends aid Fitz, the Fool and Bee, bringing their journey to a climatic ending. The ending is both joyful and heartbreaking. I will miss this series.