The dark lake

4 stars

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I really liked this book and had a hard time putting it down. The story opens with a jogger finding the body of a young high school drama teacher, Rosalind Ryan, floating face down in a lake in a small town in Australia. The lead homicide detective assigned to investigate the case, Sgt. Gemma Woodstock, went to school with the victim. They had a complicated history, which Gemma has to face while trying to find the killer. The victim was beautiful and popular, but a mystery with secrets that start to unravel the more Gemma investigates. What was Rosalind up to, and did anyone really know or understand her?
There are a lot of mystery books out there, but this is one of the better ones. This story is told in flashbacks and has memorable characters that stick with you. Gemma is flawed, but you root for her anyway. The book is well-paced with plenty of twists and turns. I recommend you read this book.