Fools gold

4.5 stars

I really, really enjoyed this book. It is fun and witty and full of action. It is one of the rare fantasy books that is actually funny. Like really funny, not corny funny. The characters interact with each other just like best friends do in real life. They give each other a hard time, never let anyone take themselves too seriously, and have their back when the going gets tough.

The story is set in Kondorra. Many years ago the dragons decided they wanted to rule over Kondorra. So they set upon on the populace, murdered thousands of them until they were sufficiently cowered, and then taxed them until no one could make a living. Will’s parents are dead, the man that helped raise him has gone crazy and disappeared and he can barely keep the family farm running. When the dragon’s men come to collect yet another tax on the farm, a fight ensues and Will barely escapes with his life.

Will runs away and finds himself in a cave where he runs into Lette and Balur, two mercenaries that are searching for a new life in a new land. The gold they had stolen to start this new life was stolen by goblins that they tracked to the cave. Firkin, Will’s former farm hand and friend, is found bound and gagged in the cave. He is drunk and just as crazy as ever. Rounding out the group is Quirk, a recovering magician whose new “career” is studying dragons. As the group commiserate about their lot in life, they devise a plan to steal gold from the dragons. What could possibly go wrong?

The story is fast paced and the interactions between the characters is very funny. One big warning, however; there is a lot of cursing. Like, A LOT. So if lots of cursing offends your delicate sensibilities, this is not the book for you. The few love scenes and action scenes are very tame, however, which is kind of weird considering how much cussing there is in the book. But, it works, and I enjoyed it.

I liked this book so much that before I finished it, I bought the second book in the series on Amazon. I can’t wait to see what the gang has up their sleeve next. While there are other books in the series, this one can be read as a stand-alone book as there is a definite beginning, middle and end to the story.