4 stars

This is a good first book in a new sci-fi series by two great authors. The earth is dying. When a message is received from a long-extinct alien race it seems the very thing that could save the planet. Their technology helps un-do some of the earth’s environmental damage, as well as provides energy to power entire cities.

The story is told from the two main character’s perspective in alternating chapters. Oftentimes this method of storytelling is annoying because it rehashes the plotlines over and over. Fortunately, it works in this book and the overlap is minimal. Jules Addison is a scholar intent on studying the alien race. Amelia is a scavenger that raids alien temples to loot them for profit. They find themselves as unexpected allies on the alien planet Gaia after they escape ruthless scavengers intent on stealing their supplies and killing them.

Their destination is a temple that supposedly holds untold riches in both alien technology and information about the alien race and what happened to them. The temple is riddled with traps that tests both Jules and Mia’s mettle as they search for answers.

The book grabs the reader’s attention from the beginning and doesn’t let up. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series.