the rooster bar

2.5 stars

Meh. I usually like Grisham’s novels, but this one was not one of his best. I think perhaps the well is finally running dry. The book started ok, but quickly fizzled out. None of the characters were likeable, the plot and dialog was absurd and the story was not compelling. I really couldn’t believe this was a John Grisham book.

Mark, Todd and Zola are 3rd year law students at a for-profit law school mill. They are drowning in debt, are unlikely to pass the bar exam and have no hope of finding a job after school. After one of their friends discovers that their school is one of many owned by a shady hedge-fund guy who also owns banks that grant student loans, they know that they’ve been suckered into a scam. Their friend commits suicide and they decide to change their fate by dropping out of school and forging a new future.

I just couldn’t get into the plot of this book and found myself repeatedly rolling my eyes as the story progressed. While most of this author’s books are a fun, quick escape, this book is one you should skip.