Us Against You

5 stars

WOW. Fredrik Backman has done it again with his sequel to the book Beartown. What an amazing book. I started this book at 10pm and literally could not put it down. I didn’t stop reading until 9am the next morning when I finished the book.

Beartown is a hockey town in the forest of Sweden. After the town was shattered by the events in Beartown, the town must decide how it will go on after they are told that their beloved hockey team will be disbanded. To add insult to injury, most of their talented players and their successful coach have decided to play for their arch rival team in Hed.

A surprising new hockey coach is hired to coach the Beartown hockey team in what could possibly be the last hockey season in Beartown. The team is formed around a handful of talented, but previously un-celebrated hockey players, but the new coach is challenged to find more players willing to play with them. Meanwhile the animosity with Hed is intensifying. The action comes to a head just before the teams are scheduled to play their last game against each other. Will the town, and its residents, survive? After everything that happens, will they want to?

This book is amazing and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Make sure you’re alone and have plenty of tissues on hand, because there will be crying.