The code of the woosters

3 stars

An ok comedic fiction.

I read this book for my February book club. It’s not a book that I would have chosen, but that’s why we join book clubs, isn’t it? I haven’t read any of the previous books in this series, but I don’t think that affected my ability to enjoy this book too much. The book is a stand alone story with a beginning, middle and end.

The book centers on Bertie and Jeeves. Bertie has been invited to an English country house to help his awkward friend woo back his girlfriend. While there, Bertie is asked by his aunt Dahlia to help steal an 18th century cow creamer from the home, who is owned by his uncle’s rival antique collector. Also at the house are several of Bertie’s friends who have their own capers afoot. Somehow Bertie manages to get caught up in them all, leaving him in a awkward position. Ultimately Jeeves devises a plan to rescue Bertie and save the day with his friends

It took me awhile to get interested in the book, but once I did, I enjoyed it. I doubt I’ll read any more books in the series, however.