an easy death

4 stars

Yes!! Charlaine Harris is back! I love her books, and have been waiting for her to start a new series with a kick-ass female lead that I can cheer on through her adventures. We have that, and more, with Lizbeth Rose.

Lizbeth Rose is a 19-year-old gunslinger (“Gunnie”) that works in a gang that protects shipments and people as they travel through the dangerous, fractured United States. Despite her youth, Lizbeth has a fearsome reputation of being deadly effective. When a routine run across the border from Mexico goes bad, Gunnie Rose is left wounded and defeated. Against her better judgment, she takes a job as a local guide and gunnie for two Russian wizards. They are searching small towns near the Mexican border for a low-level wizard who they believe may be a direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin, and that his blood can save their tsar’s life. The job is dangerous and difficult, and made even more so by the trio’s lack of trust in each other, and the powerful forces that are determined to stop their efforts.

What a fun ride! The author likes to include supernatural elements in her books and this one does not disappoint. Gunnie Rose is hard as steel and takes crap from no one. The Russian wizards are cunning and powerful, and yet, Gunnie Rose is drawn to one of them (think Eric Northman or Bill Compton). He’s dangerous and mysterious and can’t be trusted at all, and yet… Gunnie can’t figure him out, and can’t decide if she even wants to.

There is plenty of action, sarcastic remarks and heart in this wild ride through a U.S. shattered into several countries by the assassination of Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression. It’s a fun, soapy supernatural new series I highly recommend you read. A bubble gum read for sure, but who doesn’t like that?