4.5 stars

This is an excellent, exciting second book in the YA Fantasy series.

Let me just say, I love Brandon Sanderson’s writing. I always get so excited right before I dive into one of his new books and devour them in just a few days. This book was no different.

We find Spensa doing what she loves – flying. As she completes her missions, she tries to recreate the circumstances that saved her life. But, no matter what antics she tries, she can’t do it. When she flies out in deep space she still hears the “music” and feels the malevolent eyes on her. It’s during one of these battles that an opportunity arises that she can’t pass up. With almost no time to consider the ramifications, and without consulting her command, Spensa risks it all and jumps.

Spensa impersonates an alien pilot and flies to one of the Superiority planets to train as a pilot. She hopes to steal a hyperdrive and take it back to her planet so the humans can escape their prison and find somewhere else to live. Spensa discovers a huge city filled with thousands of aliens she never knew existed. The danger is real and the threat of discovery constant. If not for M-Bot and Doomslug, Spensa wouldn’t have a chance.

In the best of times, Spensa is not the best at playing nice in society, but the new world Spensa has to navigate is even more foreign to her. She must interact with different species, learn a variety of different cultures, and try to figure out the politics of the Superiority to determine who, if anyone, she can trust. After a few stumbles, Spensa begins to learn how to play the game, and gets closer to figuring out what the Superiority is up to.

The story is fast paced and exciting. I love the new characters and new society that the author introduces to us. The stakes are even higher than initially thought, and Spensa’s actions have greater implications that ever before. I can’t wait to see where the story goes next!!!