get a life, chloe brown

4.5 stars

This is an adorable, witty and steamy romantic comedy that you won’t want to put down.

I rarely read romance books, but there was something about the premise of this book that I was drawn to; perhaps because it was about a fellow “nerd girl”. I devoured this book in less than two days. It is smart, witty, snarky and very steamy – everything you love about romance books.

Chloe Brown has fibromyalgia. She struggles through her pain, supported by an over-protective family and strong medicine. When a speeding car comes within feet of striking her and leaving her dead or seriously injured, she realizes that she needs to change things up and “get a life.” In true computer geek, type “A” fashion, she creates a list to achieve this goal. First on her list? Move out of her comfortable family home into her own apartment.

With the first item on her list checked off, she thinks about how she’s going to mark off the other items on her list. Enter Red. The sexy, handsome handyman of her apartment complex. He has tattoos, a motorcycle and more sex appeal than a man ought to. She can’t stand him. He can’t stand her. But this is a romance story – is that going to last? Of course not.

Chloe isn’t your typical female lead in a romance story, which is refreshing. She and Red both have baggage to overcome, which is usually the case in these types of books, but that isn’t the main focus of the story. The chemistry between Chloe and Red is palpable. The author’s writing is so cute, flirty, witty and sexy that I found myself grinning like a goofball. The steamy scenes jump off the page, but don’t seem artificial or gratuitous.

I think one of the reasons why I liked this book so much is that the characters actually TALK to each other. There weren’t nearly as many of the manufactured misunderstandings that typically litter most romance books. (There is one major misunderstanding, but hey, you can’t forgo a tried and true formula completely, right?) Otherwise, the conversations and flirtations between Chloe and Red were absolutely adorable and I couldn’t get enough.

If you are skeptical of romance books (as I usually am) but want to read a quick, adorable cute, and easy book that will leave you smiling, I highly recommend you read this book. C’mon, you won’t be sorry!