2.5 stars

the last human

This is a promising science fiction book that took a weird turn in the middle and went down hill from there. I was enjoying the book even though the premise was a bit weird, because, you know, I like weird – but only to a point. The author lost me about 60 percent into the book and I couldn’t wait to finish it and be done with it.

Sarya is a human being raised by a fierce spider-like creature on a space station with a lot of other aliens. Sarya must hide the fact that she’s a human because they are considered dangerous and were supposed to be eradicated and not exist. One day a bounty hunter arrives on the station and begins hunting her down. She is saved by her adoptive mother, with the help of a rebellious spacesuit, and is launched into space on a ship with other captives.

The ship lands and then things start getting really weird and the author loses me. I am not a big fan of characters talking to themselves, or having big internal existential conversations with themselves. The stream of consciousness nature of portions of the book drove me nuts. Others mind find this intriguing, I find it annoying.

Overall, the book was good until it wasn’t. I think that die hard science fiction fans will really like this book. People that only dabble in it, like me, will probably like half this book and not like the other half.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.