when you when you wish upon star

3 stars

This was a cute, but predictable, fluffy romance that brings together a young socialite and a grief-stricken Earl. It’s the third book in the series, but the first one that I’ve read and can be read as a stand-alone.

Sophie Kendall loves nothing more than to arrange the weekly meeting of the Debutante Underground, a secret society of women that gather to discuss love, life and the weekly advice column, The Debutante’s Revenge, that she and her two best friends create. It helps take her mind off her impending wedding. Sophie doesn’t love the man she is going to marry, but he’s agreed to help her financially ruined family and Sophie must due her duty to help her family

Henry Reese, Earl of Warshire, is a decorated soldier that was pulled out of combat to attend to his estate when his older brother dies. Haunted by his brother’s death and his time at war, Reese can not sleep. While at one of his abandoned properties late one night, he runs into Sophie snooping around his property as she searches for a new venue for her meetings.

When Sophie is unexpectedly able to help Reese sleep, he makes her an offer – spend one innocent night each week with him to help him sleep, and she can use his property rent-free. Sophie strikes the bargain with Reese, never thinking that one decision will change both their lives forever.

This book is a very quick, easy read. The main characters are likable, and I enjoyed reading about their budding romance. Sophie is strong and knows her own mind. She is a dutiful daughter, but is determined to experience as much of life as she can before she’s overrun with responsibilities. Reese starts out gruff, but gentlemanly. His quick journey to sappy, love-struck suitor is a bit jarring and not realistic considering how he started the book, but this is a fluffy romance, so what did we expect?

I don’t read too many romance books because I can only take so much saccharine sweetness, but there are definitely some well-written ones that I quite enjoy. Because, who doesn’t want to read a feel-good, hopeful book once in awhile? This cute book is exactly what you’d expect of a “typical” romance and will distract you from your life for a while, and that’s not a bad thing.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.