the old girls network

4 stars

This is a cute, uplifting book about not giving up on love and happiness no matter one’s age.

Barbara, a 77 year-old spinster, has a health scare and decides to visit her widowed sister Pauline in the small Somerset village of Winsleigh Green. Barbara is a retired military secretary who values order and discipline over fun and sentimentality. Barbara and Pauline couldn’t be more different. Barbara’s outlook on life has made her bitter, out-spoken and judgmental, while Pauline is warm, funny and accepting. They’ve never gotten along well, and Barbara’s visit is sure to cause tension and stress for Pauline.

Barbara’s visit couldn’t be at a worse time for Pauline. In her early 70’s, she has finely started to come out of the fog of depression over her husband’s death. She has made friends and a life for herself in the small village. But, Pauline has never been able to stand up to Barbara, so she has to make the most of the visit.

One day out on a drive, Pauline accidentally hits a man named Bisto Mulligan with her car. He is injured and despite his unkempt appearance, she invites him into her home to recuperate. Bisto, in his mid-70’s, is warm and funny. Over time the sisters realize he’s not at all the person they thought he was. With Bisto’s good humor and warm gestures toward the sisters and small town, he immediately earns a place in the hearts and minds of the small community. As the trio spend the spring, and then the summer together, each begins to make changes in their life and learns to embrace new loves and new adventures.

This was a very cute, easy read. It’s enjoyable to watch how the three main characters work through their respective issues and baggage to become happier, healthier people. The supporting characters add depth to the story and give the small village personality. The book gives hope that it’s never too late to embrace happiness and change, and that age should never be a barrier to new love and new adventures. If you’re looking for a light, easy, fun read, this is the book for you.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.