broken veil

4 stars

This is a satisfying ending to a good YA Fantasy series. Most of the storylines are wrapped up, and there is a juicy cliffhanger that is surely a hint for a new series.

This book focuses mainly on Cettie’s journey back to the person she used to be before she was tricked into going with her father and mother to the poisoner’s school. She has trained hard and become quite adept, however she still can’t wipe the Fitzroy family or her best friend Empress Sera out of her mind. Escape is impossible and any attempt would cost her life. When she is assigned a kishion (a person that bonds with her hetaera and can share her powers and feelings) and given a task to complete, she is filled with hope that she may escape. Unfortunately the assignment doesn’t go as planned and she finds herself even more trapped and in danger.

Meanwhile the war with Kingfountain is not going well and Sera struggles to keep her advisors in check. Her husband, Trevan, who was kidnapped a year ago is still missing and she doesn’t know if he’s still alive. When factions make a move on Sera, she finds herself in serious danger. Both woman don’t know who they can trust and various forces work against them in their search for power.

The story picks up where the previous book ends. This is a very quick, easy read. The book is fast paced and doesn’t let up until the end. It is filled with the characters you love and hate from previous books, with a couple of cameos for a nice surprise. There are a few elements of a new storyline injected which is sure to be the focus of books to come.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. The author is such a good writer, and the story flows so seamlessly, that hours pass without you even realizing it. I really like the main characters Sera and Cettie. They have doubts, as all young women do, but I like that they don’t let those doubts define them. They trust their instincts, and themselves, and use that strength to achieve their goals. This is a good book and series and I highly recommend you read it.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.