queen of storms

4 stars

This is a fantastic second book in the Firemane Saga. There is everything you want and need in an epic fantasy book – non-stop action, betrayals, twists and turns, new alliances, intense fighting, horrific devastation, high-sea drama, and much, much more.

We begin in Beran’s Hill. Hatu and Hava bought Gwen’s father’s inn and are rebuilding it. They become friends with Declan and Gwen and have settled into life in the quiet town. But, because this is an epic fantasy, it doesn’t stay quiet for long. Different groups of mysterious strangers arrive and it’s clear they are dangerous men up to no good. Hava and Hatu discover that two men are looking for Hatu and decide to send a message to their masters in the Kingdom of Night.

Before we know it trouble comes to Beran’s Hill and many lives are upended. The characters are scattered and the remainder of the book finds several of them on separate paths. New characters are introduced as more of the plot comes into focus, but for every question answered, even more arise. I really like the new character of Molly Bowman. We were introduced to her in the last book, but she wasn’t as prevalent as she is in this one. Molly adds a bit of wit and heart to the story, and becomes a good and trusted friend to Hava. Hava has never had a female friend, and it’s nice to see their friendship develop.

I really enjoyed how twisty the plot is getting. You can’t get too comfortable with what you think is going on because before you know it, the author throws another wrench in the works. The scale of the story is getting massive, but have no fear, it’s still easy to follow along. In the grand scheme of things, the number of characters to keep track of is manageable. Each chapter alternates its focus on a different character so you know what is happening with multiple characters simultaneously. This is pretty cruel of the author because I couldn’t put the book down without finding out what happened next and before I knew it, hours had passed.

This book does not suffer from “second book syndrome” where the story plods along and is basically filler. The action starts right out of the gate and doesn’t let up until the exciting cliffhanger. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest review.

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