3 stars (release date 9-1-2020)

This is a good, easy YA Fantasy book about a young girl’s quest to reunite with her trader father and demand her rightful place beside him and his crew. This book has it all – ships, pirates, revenge, lost treasures, intrigue, secrets, and romance.

Seventeen year old Fable has only known a life at sea. Four years ago the ship she was on with her mother and father sank, killing her mother. The next day her father left her on an island filled with cutthroats and thieves. With no money and little food, Fable learned not to trust anyone and to support herself using her unique gift to “hear” precious gems. Her goal is to get off the island and return to her father and demand her just due. Her father is a ruthless trader that has built his successful business using cunning and brutality.

Fable convinces a young trader named West to help her off the island – for a price. She soon discovers that life in the trading business is more dangerous than ever, and her father’s enemy list has grown. As she tries to earn West’s crew’s trust, it’s apparent that everyone has secrets they’d prefer not to share. As they battle storms, and other crews, Fable’s “simple” mission to find her father becomes more and more complicated.

I had high hopes for this book, but the most I can muster for it is “meh”. I mean, it’s well-written and it’s a quick and easy read, but it didn’t wow me, or even make me super eager to find out what happens next. The book moves slowly and much of the story encompasses Fable’s inner journey to come to terms with her grief over her mother’s loss, her anger at her father’s betrayal, and the potential of her new life. The “romance” was awkwardly done and seemed to come out of nowhere. The book had promise, but just didn’t seem to deliver for me. The abrupt ending was predictable and didn’t build much tension.

A lot of others seemed to enjoy this book, which is great. I just don’t think it was for me.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and Wednesday Books for an honest review.