Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was a good, quiet Contemporary Fiction about a woman who suffers a great loss and must come to turns with what she wants to do with her life.

Natalie has just been promoted at her job in Napa Valley when her mother is killed in an accident and she inherits her mother’s charming, but financially struggling, bookshop in San Francisco. In addition to money woes, her grandfather suffered a fall and is displaying symptoms of dementia. Natalie’s plan is to sell the building that contains their shop and family home and put her grandfather in an assisted living facility, but her grandfather refuses to sell.

Natalie hires a contractor to conduct repairs on the building and Peach, and his precocious daughter, enter the scene. As time goes by, Natalie’s troubled and aching heart begins to heal and the building offers up surprises that help bring closure.

This was a sweet book that has a typical happy ending. It is well written and is a quick and easy read, although it did seem to drag a bit and could have been a big shorter. Overall, if you want a quick, cozy, sweet read, this is the book for you.