Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a fun piece of fluff that is a somewhat enjoyable read. It centers around three women, all facing different difficulties, who bond over their love of food. Trista left her life as a lawyer behind (we never find out why) and buys the bar/restaurant she worked at while in law school. It needs a big makeover if she’s ever going to earn a living from it. Margo is a part-time real estate agent who loves to cook and has recently been dumped by her self-absorbed husband. While it’s a blessing in disguise, she must navigate finding a career to support herself with renovating a run-down farm she inherited in the divorce. Aja wants to learn to cook better and is looking for good friends who will support her through an unplanned pregnancy.

The characters are fairly well-developed, but the storylines are pretty predictable. The women are all wronged in some way and rather than being bitter and angry and cry-eating gallons of ice cream, they firmly soldier on alone with quiet resolve. That’s pretty unrealistic, but it’s nice to dream that we would all be that strong as our life falls to pieces around us. Of course, two of the women immediately have budding romances with their dream-men who are patient and kind and have secretly been in love with the women for ages.

Overall, it’s a cute, fun book to read. It’s a nice palate cleanser to read after more intense books, and there is nothing wrong with that. I enjoy these kind of books from time to time. It’s an enjoyable read, just not very deep and nothing that you’ll remember a month from now.