Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a pretty good YA Fantasy that promises to turn into a fun, exciting series.

Ryia is known as “The Butcher” of Carrowick, a dockside city run by various gangs. Ryia is on the run from the powerful Guildmaster, the ruler of 5 kingdoms of Thamorr. Certain people are born with a gift for strength, speed, mind reading, sensing and other gifts and are called Adepts. They are taken by the Guildmaster as a baby and trained on an island. When they reach adulthood they are stripped of all identity and are sold to rich people as obedient servants who have no mind or will of their own.

Ryia is determined to kill the Guildmaster and steal his means of controlling the Adepts. She gets her chance, but must rely on a group of other criminals that she doesn’t trust and who have their own agendas.

This book started off really slow. The worldbuilding is a bit uneven. The characters are fairly well-formed, and hopefully will be fleshed out a bit more in the next book. The book is told from several different characters’ perspectives, which makes for a lot of unreliable narrators. The book was a bit jumbled until the characters set off on their quest to infiltrate the Guildmaster’s island. After that, there was plenty of action and the story started to gel better.

The book ended on a juicy cliffhanger, so I’m assuming there will be a second book. If so, I will most likely read it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and Gallery/Saga Press. All opinions are my own.