Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a cute historical romance that is a quick and easy read that can be read in one sitting. The story is set in London during the Gilded Age. American heiress August Crenshaw works with her father at Crenshaw Iron Works, the family business. She is smart, savvy, talented and knows her own mind. Everything a man does not want in a wife during this time period. Even her wealth doesn’t make her a suitable match.

Her parents offer up her younger sister Violet for a match with Evan Sterling, the Duke of Rothschild. He never wanted to be a Duke, but found himself one nonetheless, strapped with a broke estate and dozens of lives depending on him. So, he can’t walk away from an offer of marriage into the Crenshaw family. Violet is fine, but once Evan meets August, he knows she is the one he wants instead.

This was a fun, light read. I loved August’s uncompromising ways and her interactions with Evan are entertaining. Evan maneuvers it so that he ends up engaged to August, who fights it. But, once they get close, the sparks fly. We all know they will end up together and get their happy ending, and I enjoyed reading how they got there. If you want a light, fluffy read to read away a few hours, this is a good choice.