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It’s All Fun & Games (The Avernus Greys Book One) by P. Roper

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I am a honored to be a stop on Romance me with Books’ book tour for this fun high school opposites-attract high school romance.

Malcolm is a star baseball player that is in danger of losing his eligibility to play due to bad grades. Malcolm’s father, the town’s mayor, hires another high school senior, Lennox, to tutor him. Malcolm is not interested in having a tutor or studying, but there is something about quirky, pink-hair, hippie-dressing Lennox that sparks his interest. Before long Lennox has Malcolm on a strict schedule and he’s making progress. But the gig does not come without problems. Bully cheerleader Melissa, who Malcolm had a one-night stand with, is jealous of Lennox and Malcolm spending time together. She and her minions set upon Lennox like the mean girls they are. When Lennox and Malcolm finally get together, they don’t know how to define their relationship, which causes friction between the two. Can an intelligent outsider and a popular athlete beat the odds and have a happily ever after?

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How I’ll Kill You by Ren Destefano

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What the heck did I just read??? I finished the book a few days ago and had to just sit with it for awhile before I could write my review. The book is a a fascinating mystery/thriller/romance that I couldn’t stop reading it.

Sissy is one of a set of identical triplets. They were abandoned when they were newborns and lived their youth in separate foster homes until they aged out. Fiercely protective of each other, once they were free of the system they were determined to never be separated again. No matter what. When Iris is hurt by her boyfriend and kills him in a fit of rage, Sissy steps in to clean up the scene and the triplets’ plan to love men and leave them….dead, is born.

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The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz

Rating: 3 out of 5.

3.5 stars

This was a dark mystery/thriller centered around five women’s attendance at a writing retreat with a famously reclusive writer. Once at the retreat location, they discover they need to complete an entirely new novel during their stay. They are given a strict writing schedule and seemingly impossible daily deadlines, but if they succeed, the winner will get a seven figure publishing deal and the mentor’s stamp of approval. It’s every woman for herself – until they start to die.

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Always the Almost by Edward Underhill

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I loved this book so much!! Miles recently came out as trans, prompting his football star boyfriend Shane to break up with him. Miles is determined to get Shane back and beat his archnemesis in the Midwest’s biggest classical piano competition, all before the end of the year. To that end, Miles begins taking lessons with a new, terrifying piano teacher who tells him that he’s playing like he doesn’t know who he is. What? As Miles struggles with all the changes in his life, he meets new kid Eric. Eric is a talented cartoonist that is comfortable in his own skin and seems to get Miles, something Miles is not used to since he came out. After pretending to be a couple to get invited to a popular couples-only Valentine’s Day party, Miles and Eric’s fake kiss turns into something real. But this doesn’t fit into Miles plans, and besides, there has to be a catch as to why Eric likes him. Right?

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Wilder at Last (Wilder Adventures, #5) by Serena Bell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a cute opposites-attract, enemies-to-lovers rom com that is book 5 in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone. The book is an easy read and the cute teasing and banter between the main characters, Hannah and Easton, is a fun read.

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A Killing of Innocents (Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James, #19) by Deborah Crombie

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a very good mystery/thriller set in London following the investigation of Scotland Yard detectives into the murder of a young medical resident. As they look into the victim’s personal life, another stabbing occurs, putting the City in a panic. This is the 19th book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. I admit I was a bit lost on most of the character interplay and their personal lives, but there is enough back story that I got the basics of what was going on. Even though I wasn’t familiar with the characters, I still got caught up in what they were going through and liked them.

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Mission in Malmo (Inspector Anita Sundstrom #9) by Torquil MacLeod

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a pretty good mystery/thriller set in Sweden. It’s book 9 of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. I’m sure I missed some nuances regarding the characters and their interactions, but there was enough information to provide me a good idea of what was what. The story is told in two different time periods. The first part of the story is told in 2006 while the main character, Anita, is a detective in the Criminal Investigation Squad. As one of only two women in the unit, the women are thought of as less capable and are treated unequally, especially by Chief Inspector Erik Moberg. The team is tasked with tackling the aftermath of an armed robbery at a cash handling facility in Malmö. The raid left one security guard dead and there was no sign of the stolen millions. The team eventually thinks they’ve solved the crime, but aren’t able to convict who they believe is the mastermind of the operation.

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The Hunter by Jennifer Herrera

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This is a contemporary mystery/thriller with paranormal aspects. I was creeped out by the paranormal aspects of the book, but I’m a big chicken. I think readers that aren’t a big chicken like me will enjoy it. A great deal of the book is devoted to the private life of the main character and the family dynamics with her uncles and brother, as well as her estranged husband. I felt the family issues were distracting and took me out of the mystery elements of the book. A closer look at the book could tighten this part of the story up and make the transitions less jarring.

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Boston Darlin’ by Brittany McMahan-Fry

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Leighann is a single mother raising a disabled daughter. With her self-esteem plummeting & her bank account draining, she never pictured catching the eye of an A-list celebrity. She can’t believe he’d really be interested in her. Can she get over her self-doubt to accept the possibility of true love?

Evan’s had one-night stands & fake PR relationships & was no stranger to tabloid scandals. In Leighann he finds a gorgeous curvy woman who holds her own & wants nothing to do with him or his life. He finds himself wanting to protect her & her daughter from the paparazzi, which leads him to a feeling he’s never felt before. Will he be able to get her to believe in love, or will his team put an end to them before his bachelor antics are gone for good?

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