4 Stars

Another great book in this series. The book begins right where the last book ends. Inda and some of his crew are captive on pirate Walic’s Coco. Fox warns Inda to “act stupid” so that he can stay alive. The crew slowly acclimate to life on a pirate ship until they get an opportunity to mutiny and take over the ship. Thus begins Inda’s transformation into the notorious pirate hunter “Elgar Fox”. Meanwhile, Evred’s life is changing as well. He is given more responsibility and his brother and uncle’s plots continue to grow. I can’t say more without spoiling a lot of the story. The action is non-stop and the central characters continue to grow. Near the end of the book we are introduced to Venn characters and find out why they are waging war against Iasca Leror. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.