3.5 Stars

Another cute book in this series. The book picks up shortly after book #4 ends, with Eadlyn’s mother recovering from a heart attack. She quickly offers to step up as acting Regent so that her father the King can spend time with her mother as she recovers. Eadlyn is overwhelmed by the added responsibilities, in addition to continuing with the Selection. She quickly narrows the field in half to make it more manageable, but it doesn’t make her choices any easier. The book is a very quick read and is fluffy fun to read. It won’t solve the world’s problems or cure diseases, but it’s a fun escape. The ending is a bit abrupt, and Eadlyn makes some radical changes that seem completely out of character and like they came out of the blue, but I like her final choice of men. I had to rate it down for the weird left turn in the last couple pages of the book. Kind of unnecessary and out there, unless the author is trying to leave the door open to write more books in this series in the future.