3 starsthe-fate-of-the-tearling

This is the last book in this trilogy. I must say, I’m pretty disappointed with the weird turn this series took midway through book 2, and it didn’t get any better in book 3. The first book was really good and had the author continued to tell THAT story, this series would have been much, much better. I just didn’t see the need to turn this into a time-traveling, mind-swapping saga.

The book starts with Kelsea a prisoner of the Red Queen and her country falling apart without her leadership. As Kelsea tries to survive captivity, her guard Mace plots her escape. While in the dungeon, Kelsea continues to have flashbacks of The Crossing, this time seeing through the eyes of Katie, a young girl trained to guard Jonathon Tear. There is something that Kelsea must learn to help defeat not only the Red Queen, but the bigger threat posed by Row Finn, but it’s just out of her reach.

The book does come to a conclusion, although most of the book focuses on The Crossing and what went wrong. This storyline just isn’t as compelling as the first book, and I really didn’t like the ending.