3 starseligible

This was a fun, fluffy retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

The Bennet women are all modern girls with jobs, boyfriends and 21st century problems. Jane is almost 40 and a yoga instructor. Liz is a magazine writer in her late 30’s. Both women live in NYC, but return to their hometown of Cincinnati when their father has a health problem. They return to find their childhood home in poor repair, their younger sister’s sponging off their parents and their parents on the verge of bankruptcy.

When the most recent contestant of a “Bachelor” type reality show, Chip, moves to Cincinnati, Mrs. Bennet sees a chance for Jane to marry a rich, handsome doctor and bail out the family. Chip’s friend Mr. Darcy, a rich doctor in his own right, is nothing but a thorn in Liz’s side…isn’t he?

Some of the plot points were a bit silly, but overall it was an entertaining read