Glass Houses

4 stars

This is another great book in this series. Inspector Gamache is just settling into his job as the head of the police department when he discovers that they have lost the war on drugs. Huge cartels are funneling vast quantities of drugs into Canada and the U.S. and the various crimes that flow from the drug traffic has increased. Gamache is at a lost on how to stop it, until he develops a bold plan that will have huge consequences whether he wins of fails. He enlists a few trusted people to help with the plan and sets in in place.

Meanwhile, his sleepy village is the scene of a most disturbing visitor. A mysterious visitor appears in the village and its presence sets the town on edge. Why is it here? Who is it here for and what does it mean? The town begs Gamache to do something to make the figure disappear, but it hasn’t done anything illegal and Gamache is helpless.

The story is told in flashbacks during a murder trial. The author keeps the reader guessing almost to the end, with many twists and turns. I really enjoy this series and can’t wait to see how the cliff hanger from this book is resolved in the next book.