The guilty

4 stars

This is another great Will Robie book. When a mission goes awry, Will is forced to take a step back and try to get his head straight. He needs to figure out if he can continue working for the government. One way to do this is to make peace with his past, which he is reluctant to do. Will is estranged from his father and hasn’t returned to his home town since he left just after high school. When he learns that his father has been arrested for murder, Will returns to his small southern town to confront his past and help his father.

Most people are none too happy to see Will back in town, including the local police. When bodies start piling up, Will wonders if trying to make peace with his past will cost him and those he loves their lives.

While still a mystery thriller, this book is much more personal and takes a deeper look into the main character. As usual, there is plenty of action and twists and turns. The story is exciting and the author keeps you guessing to the end.