Unraveling oliver

3.5 stars

This was a pretty good debut book by this author. Not outstanding, but a solid book. The story begins with a terrible act of violence. Oliver, a handsome, successful children’s book author hits his wife Alice and watches as she cowers on the floor. He dispassionately watches her reaction to his assault, and then leaves the house to get drunk. Hours later he returns to the house and is confronted by Alice with secrets from his past. Oliver proceeds to mercilessly beat Alice into a coma.

Each chapter of the book tells the story from one person’s perspective. The narrators have all had contact in one way or another with Oliver and Alice throughout the years. Some stories are tales of the past, others the present. As the book continues, Oliver’s background and secrets unfold until the reader understands why Oliver attacked Alice.

The story is well-written and the book is a quick read. While some aspects of the story are predictable, there are enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged and guessing. I will definitely read more books by this author.