The last child4 stars

The story centers on 13 year old Johnny. A year ago Johnny had loving parents, a warm home and twin sister Alyssa with whom he shared a close bond. When Alyssa is kidnapped and his father disappears, Johnny’s life takes a turn for the worst. A year later his mother is abusing drugs and alcohol and in an abusive relationship with the town big shot. He’s lost most of his friends and is an outcast.

Despite assurances by lead Det. Clyde Hunt that he won’t rest until Alyssa is found, Johnny takes it upon himself to investigate Alyssa’s disappearance. This takes him into scary territory as he checks out the town’s most dangerous criminals. When another young girl goes missing, Johnny puts his plans into overdrive, putting his life in danger.

This is another good book by John Hart. It’s well-written, has plenty of twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the end.