End Game

3.5 stars

During all of their missions, Will Robie and Jessica Reel had one constant – Blue Man. So when they both come back from dangerous missions and are told that he is missing, they immediately take action to find him. Their search takes them to his small hometown in rural Colorado. The area is known for it’s beautiful outdoors with plenty of hunting and fishing, as well as several fringe anti-government groups. As Will and Jessica begin to dig into the mystery of Blue Man’s disappearance, they come into contact with several of these groups and once again put their lives in danger for their country.

This is another good Will Robie book. I enjoyed this book, but agree with other reviewers that it is definitely the weaker book of the previous ones in the series. I did not enjoy the tension between Will and Jess, and some of the other characters were a bit one-dimensional. But, I tend to suspend disbelief when I read these books and enjoy them for what they are – lots of action with tough guys and girls kicking butts and taking names. 🙂 If that’s what you want, then there is action galore and plenty of twists and turns that you will like.