the wanted

4 stars

This is another good Elvis Cole and Joe Pike novel. Elvis is hired by a single mother to look into cash and jewelry that her teenage son Tyson has in his possession. She suspects that he’s dealing drugs and wants Elvis to intervene. Elvis thinks the case will be easy and only take a couple hours to resolve. What he discovers is that Tyson has two partners and is responsible for a string of high-profile, high-end burglaries. As Elvis continues to investigate, people start turning up dead and Tyson and his burglary partners go missing.

Also tracking Tyson and his partners are two sophisticated hit men. They are always one step ahead of Elvis and are leaving a string of dead bodies in their wake. They are searching for a laptop that Tyson and his friends stole in the burglaries and don’t intend to stop until the laptop is found and the burglars are dead. Elvis and Joe race against time to solve the mystery and protect Tyson.

The book is full of action and is a good, quick, fun read.