Witchmark RD3 fixedbleeds new dress

4 stars

This was a fun, quick read. The story is set in a world similar to England after WWII. A group of wealthy families control the weather with their unique magical abilities. Miles Singer had an unhappy childhood and was fated to be enslaved by the interests of his family or committed to a witches asylum. All he ever wanted to do was become a doctor and heal people. Miles fakes his own death, runs away and joins the military, who put him through medical school. Right after he finishes his training, war breaks out between Aeland and Laneer and Miles is sent to the front.

Miles returns from war a changed man, as do many of the soldiers he served with. An unusually large number of them came back with a psychosis that turns them into violent men intent on killing people. Miles secretly tries to use his magical ability to cure the soldiers. One day he’s on duty and a man is brought to the hospital. The man claims he has been poisoned and recognizes Miles as a witch. The murder disturbs Miles and he investigates to determine who killed the mysterious stranger. The investigation puts his anonymity at risk, which could have serious consequences.

This was a very interesting read. The world building is pretty good and the characters well-rounded and likeable. I look forward to reading more books in this series.