Burning Ridge

4 stars

This is another great book in the Timber Creek K-9 Mystery series. The author delves deeper into Mattie’s relationship with veterinarian Cole and others in her community, but there is still plenty of action and mystery to keep the reader interested.

While Cole and his daughters take a relaxing ride into the mountains to scout relocation sites for a group of sheep, their dog discovers the charred remains of a murder victim. The police scout the area and find 3 more shallow graves of victims killed in a similar fashion years before the most recent dead man. Mattie and Robo investigate the scene and discover they have a close personal relationship to the dead man. Even more troubling, issues from Mattie’s past that she has worked very hard to keep hidden may make her the next victim on the killer’s list.

This is a quick, easy, and entertaining read. It’s a bit procedural, but the characters and stories are likeable enough that I didn’t mind going along for the ride.

I was given a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.