4 stars

This is the conclusion to the Warcross series. The book picks up right after the events of the first book. Emika Chen has survived the Warcross Championship and knows Hideo’s plans for the NeuroLink algorithm. Everyone with the updated version of the lens is under his control, but a disturbing trend is beginning. Could the neurolink be the cause of multiple suicides around the world?

Emika and the Phoenix Riders still have the beta version of the lenses and are not under Hideo’s control – yet. They must face serious danger to thwart Hideo’s plans – but who can they trust? Are Zero and the Blackcoats the good guys or is Hideo? Are there other dangers Emika hasn’t even considered and what is the best course of action?

There is plenty of action in the book – although at times it seem a bit forced and frantic. The storyline of this book is intriguing, but wasn’t as compelling as book one and I didn’t like it as well. Overall, however, it is a satisfying book series that I recommend you read.