4 stars

Another good book in this mystery series.

Deputy Sheriff Brody’s girlfriend Adrienne goes missing and Mattie and her K-9 partner Robo are called in to conduct a search. As the search intensifies, Mattie and Robo eventually find the girl’s dead body in the mountains just as a snow storm hits the area. Mattie and Robo must guard the body while Brody hikes back down the mountain for help. Veterinarian Cole Walker hikes up to take supplies to Mattie and help keep her safe while they wait for the rest of team.

The sheriffs begin investigating the murder and Cole treats a new client’s sick horses. Mattie slowly unravels the mystery surrounding Adrienne’s difficult past, just as her own past starts to catch up with her. Mattie’s long-lost brother finally makes contact with her, dredging up uncomfortable and unnerving details she had buried long ago.

Mattie’s investigation slowly comes together, and the danger increases as more answers are revealed.

This is another quick, interesting read in this series. I will continue reading new books as they are published.