Redemption4 stars

A good, fast-paced mystery/thriller.

This is another good Amos Decker mystery/thriller. It’s a typical procedural mystery, but it’s a quick, easy read and sometimes you just want something simple to cleanse the palate.

Amos Decker is visiting his hometown, Burlington, Ohio, on the anniversary of his daughter’s birthday. While he’s in the cemetery, a gaunt, ill-looking man approaches him. His name is Meryl Hawkins, and he was the first person that Amos arrested for murder as a rookie homicide detective. Meryl was compassionately released from his life prison sentence due to his terminal cancer. He tells Decker that he’s innocent and begs him to re-investigate the case and clear his name.

Wondering if he could have made a mistake, Decker begins to investigate the quadruple murder of two men and two children in residential home thirteen years ago. But the Burlington’s police department isn’t eager to see him stir up old solved cases, and his FBI supervisor orders Decker to return to duty. Putting his FBI career in jeopardy, Decker continues his pursuit of the truth. As he uncovers discrepancies in the case that he previously missed, Decker’s life, and those involved in the case, are at risk.

This is a good book in the book series. It’s better than the previous book, and a fun read for what it is.