a dangerous man

4 stars

Another fun novel featuring Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.

I have to admit, I’ve got a soft spot for Elvis Cole and Joe Pike books, and am much more forgiving in my ratings of their books. I love the characters and how they interact with each other. While the characters are starting to show their age around the edges, I still find myself smiling when I read their books.

This time, Joe is minding his own business while he goes to the bank. As he gets into his Jeep to leave, he sees the young teller that helped him, Izzy, get abducted and thrown into a car. Joe chases them down, rescues Izzy and the men are arrested. Joe gives Izzy his card and is surprised when she calls to report that the men posted bail and she thinks they are driving back and forth outside her house. Then Izzy disappears. Joe enlists his friend Elvis Cole to help him unravel the mystery surrounding Izzy’s abduction and later disappearance. As usual, the men uncover a bigger than expected plot and feel honor bound to stop it and rescue the girl.

The book has its trademark stoicism from Joe and humor from Elvis. The duo are experts at finding the bad guys and foiling their plans, and they do not disappoint here. Even as the books become more and more formulaic, I still look forward to reading them.