A christmas gathering

4 stars

A quick, entertaining historical fiction Christmas novella. 

This was an entertaining Christmas novella that I enjoyed reading. It only has 208 pages, so it’s a quick, easy read. I was pleased to see the author go back to the storylines and characters that I enjoy reading from her. I didn’t really care for her last book, Death in Focus, or her new lead character, so it was nice to read a book with familiar characters, even if they are more background characters than the leads.

In this book, Lady Vespasia and her new husband, Victor Narraway, are invited to spend Christmas at a friends’ country home. Neither want to go, however Victor has to conduct business with one of the guests also attending the gathering. Victor’s current business is similar to something that happened years ago when a young girl under his care was murdered. The murderer was never caught, and the situation still haunts him. When current events begin to take an eerily similar turn, Victor must ensure that this time events have a better result. As circumstances become more and more difficult, Victor discovers forgiving himself may be the only way he can move forward.

This was a fun book to read if you’re looking for a satisfying book you can read in a few hours. I recommend you read it.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.