Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was a cute and easy Contemporary Romance that is the last book in a series. I have not read the first two books, but this can be read as a stand alone so it’s no problem to start with this one. I’m sure I missed a little bit of context, but overall, it did not affect my enjoyment of the book.

Bethany works as a stager for her family business that flips houses. She is outwardly cool, calm and controlled and demands perfection in herself, even though she is secretly wracked by insecurity. She’s had a series of disappointing relationships and has decided to take a “man hiatus”. Bethany feels stifled by her work and dreams of branching out and taking on a house flipping project of her own. When she’s finally pressured to start her project, her brother, who’s in charge of the family business, does not take it well.

Wes is a construction worker that works for Bethany’s brother. He is in town taking care of his niece while his sister “takes a break” after her marriage fell apart. Once his sister returns, he plans to go back to Texas to resume his job as a bull rider. So his playful banter with Bethany is just his way of flirting, but he’s never gotten serious with anyone so far, and doesn’t plan to anytime soon. So, he’s surprised himself when he abruptly quits his job with Bethany’s brother and tells her he will help her on her project. Considering the duo’s relationship thus far has been to insult each other at every turn, what could possibly go wrong?

This was a cute, but predictable story. The tv show pitting Bethany against her brother in a “flip off” was almost an afterthought and wasn’t really the focus of the story. Most of the book revolved around Bethany and Wes’s sparring matches and their secret lust for each other. It was a typical “I am going to pretend to hate you but I really like you” scenario. Even though Bethany seemed turned on by Wes’ domineering behavior and cheesy lines, I cringed at several of them. I was also pretty sick of the word “baby” by the end. This book has a lot of very racy scenes in it – not that I’m mad at it. Just letting you know… 🙂

Overall this was a quick and fun read that I enjoyed.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.