Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is another fantastic mystery/thriller in this wonderful series. The story is set in Paris, where Armand and his wife are visiting as they await the birth of another grandchild. Walking through the city after dinner, Armand’s godfather, the billionaire Stephen Horowitz, is intentionally run down in the street and critical injured. And so, the mystery begins.

The mystery will eventually involve the entire family as they race through various parts of Paris, trying to solve the puzzle of who would want to kill Horowitz, and why. It was wonderful exploring Paris through the actions of the characters. You can tell the author adores Paris as she lovingly describes not only the sites of the city, but the emotions they engender.

As usual, the author does a fantastic job of spinning a complicated tale with plenty of twists and turns, red herrings and dead ends. I always look forward to reading new books in this series and encourage you to start reading them if you haven’t already. While this is the 16th book in the series, you can easily pick it up and start reading from here as each book is a stand-alone story within itself. You may miss a few details by not reading the previous books, but the author gives enough exposition for the reader to understand what’s going on.