Rating: 2 out of 5.

My overall feeling about this contemporary romance book is a solid “meh”. It’s not the worst I’ve read, but I won’t remember what this book is about in a week. The writing is fine, but the two characters aren’t interesting, the romance is very clunky and the side plots kind of ridiculous.

Molly moves from Colorado after she breaks up with her finance to be the new children’s librarian at the Little Bridges Library in the Florida Keys. One day she discovers an abandoned newborn in the bathroom of the library and is met by newly divorced Sheriff John. Per romantic book formula, their initial encounter is fraught with miscommunication and both sides are left thinking the other person is hot but insufferable. The duo are then shoved together over and over again until they fall into each other’s arms, and then into bed. That’s it. Other than a goofy cold case about a string of burglaries which the Sheriff has been unable to solve (and for which he is reminded of by all of the island’s “quirky” characters), not much else happens.

I didn’t feel any chemistry between the main characters and felt the story both dragged on and was rushed at the same time. Yeah, I don’t know. The corny ending had me *literally* rolling my eyes. I’ve read books from this author before and enjoyed them, so hope this is just a one-off that didn’t resonate with me.

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