Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was a good, fast-paced mystery/thriller set in a small town in British Columbia. The Cold Creek Highway stretches 500 miles through small towns and isolated wilderness in B.C. For decades young women traveling the road alone have gone missing. Some bodies turn up, some don’t. The killer, or killers, have never been arrested.

The first part of the book told the story of Hailey. Her father had just passed away and she’s sent to live with her aunt and the aunt’s controlling police officer husband. Hailey and her father were close, sharing their love of nature and the outdoors. He taught her how to respect the wilderness and survive in it. When life with her aunt and her husband becomes intolerable, she vanishes into the mountains hoping that people will believe she’s left town. But it’s worse than that, people think she’s fallen victim of the highway killer.

The next part of the book deals with Hailey’s life on the mountain, and the last part of the book is set a year later and centers mostly on a new character, Beth. Beth arrives in Cold Creek looking for answers and closure after the death of her sister Amber, the Cold Creek killer’s apparent last victim. She takes a job in the diner where Amber last worked. As Beth searches for answers to Amber’s death, she puts herself, and Hailey’s life in danger.

The book started out slowly, but the pace picked up and stayed there until the end. I enjoyed the book and thought it had interesting characters and lots of twists and turns. I really liked Hailey and Beth. They were smart and brave, but a bit reckless. Both characters were fairly well developed, although I thought Hailey’s best friend was a bit flat. The aunt’s police officer husband totally creeped me out. The author did a good job of making the aunt’s husband menacing, although his actions toward Hailey didn’t make sense at times – unless he was a complete jerk and then it made total sense. For awhile I couldn’t tell if he was just a total jerk, or if he had something to hide, or both. If you’re looking for a creepy mystery/thriller, this is a good book to read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. All opinions are my own.