Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was a very cute, contemporary LGTBQIA Christmas story. Gideon Holiday lives in a idyllic neighborhood that decorates their homes each year to raise funds for charity. Every house, that is, except his grumpy, hot neighbor Paul Frost. Paul wants nothing to do with bow-tie wearing Gideon or the Christmas decorations that take over the neighborhood each December.

Paul’s mind changes, however, when he discovers that his younger brother & his girlfriend will be visiting for the holidays. He asks Gideon for help, and suddenly he’s shopping and decorating more than he has ever done before. Paul’s frozen exterior begins to melt, due in part to Gideon’s adorable bossy demeanor and his joyful attitude. As Paul and Gideon spend more time together, their attraction grows until they are sharing hot kisses in between decorating.

Dreading spending Christmas alone, Gideon is surprised when Paul includes him in his celebration with his brother and his girlfriend. Although they’ve never talked about their relationship, neither knows if it’s just a Christmas fling, or something deeper.

This was a cute, fun contemporary romance that warms the heart. Paul and Gideon are such a cute couple and I liked how their relationship developed. I appreciated that there wasn’t the usual huge miscommunication that could have been solved if the couple simply talked to each other that derailed the duo’s budding relationship that is typically included in romances. Rather, Paul and Gideon are both in their 40’s, so it was nice to read a more adult romance that resolved when one of them simply had the courage to say what he wants. Don’t be thrown off by their age, however, as there was plenty of spice in this book.

This is a cute, easy book that I read in one sitting. If you want a cute HEA book to warm your holidays, I suggest you try this one.